Download Doomsday Radio: Live Police Scanner

Listen to the largest collection of over 40,000 police scanner stations throughout the United States for FREE!


Download MySocialMedia: All In One Network

Share and create posts from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube accounts from an All in One Media Network app.


Download RPEDash

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Ohio Police Radio

Download Ohio Police Radio

Ohio Police Radio lets you tap into live police, firefighters, and emergency radios in the State of Ohio.

Download RPESpeed

RPESpeed is a Free Version of RPEDash with Realtime MPH for users looking to add a custom dashboard for their racecar or showcar using their iPhone/iPad.

The MFCEO Project

Download The MFCEO Project

Andy Frisella started The MFCEO Project website and podcast in June 2015 as an outlet for his passion to motivate people to succeed in business and life.



Download JukeBox:On-Demand Songs & Talk Shows

Jukebox actively searchs over 90,000 (AM/FM/Internet) stations and finding out what they’re playing in real-time. Tell your personal Jukebox what you want to hear, and it’ll find the station that’s playing the song right now. No more waiting for your favorite song to come on.



Download NewsMob

NewsMob is a new and easy to use RSS reader for the iPhone and iPad devices.
Very simple design to read all your favorite news, blogs, and rss feeds for free.

Emoji’s for iMessage


Download Emoji’s & Emoticons


Download Holiday Stickers


Download MyStickerPack